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Join Sik, Nick and Jesse every week for all the latest news, reviews, community shenanigans, cool guests and more. If you love what we do, consider supporting us on Patreon.

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Episode 219 | "Nick was Neon Right”

The XboxEra PodcastJul 07, 2024



Episode 219 | "Nick was Neon Right”In a much quieter week in the gaming industry, the podcast crew return to talk through all of the latest in gaming news, in addition to the ups-and-downs of life itself in the XboxEra Podcast Episode 219!This week, Nick takes a break from his family holiday to indulge his over-inflated ego by not only naming the episode after himself, but to really lean into the fact he'd marry a picture of himself if he could. Sik and Jesse return alongside him to break down the latest in gaming, what we've been playing and to celebrate our wonderful XboxEra community all over again. Our next sub-a-thon is scheduled for July 26th, if you're interested in hanging out, fundraising and maybe some sweet giveaways! The episode is available via YouTube as normal, but if you're on Spotify, you can watch or listen - the choice is yours! It's in audio only on all other platforms. If you love what we do, please consider dropping us a little review - we'd really appreciate it!Jul 07, 202403:21:19Episode 218 | "Rising from the dead...again."In a relatively quiet week, we still manage a decently lengthy chat about all the latest in gaming.Sik, Aarsal, and Jesse are here to break it all down. The Xbox 'that wasn't' was detailed, Dead Rising is returning, and Ubisoft are making a bunch of remakes.NOTE: We had a few technical issues with streaming this episode, so Sik has edited out the fluff for a more streamlined version. The original is still up on YouTube if you want the full thing.Jun 30, 202402:42:06Episode 217 | "It lives!"In this episode, things get a bit…crazy. Sik, Nick, and Jesse break down all the latest in gaming, which honestly, at least when it comes to this week, isn't that much really! Nintendo had a solid direct, making Nick more excited than 500 Xbox shows put together, Capcom's old engine doesn't work on Xbox anymore ("allegebly") and there's some controversy surrounding Black Myth: Wukong. Our community also go completely insane this episode, and help grow our Patreon and general fund-raising efforts to new, incredible heights. We're very grateful.Jump In! Jun 23, 202404:34:46Episode 216 | "Welcome to the Xbox Family"Nick is out because he's feeling poorly, Sik is back from LA, and Jesse and Aarsal are here to talk all things Xbox.Xbox might have had their best-received showcase of all time. We'll break the entire show down, go over Sik's trip, and more.Jump In!Jun 16, 202404:03:52Episode 214 | "The Truth Lies in Surprise?"Another week goes by, and of course there's so much to talk about in the XboxEra Podcast Episode 214!Join Sik, Nick, and Jesse as they break down all the latest news in gaming from across the industry! Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is coming to Xbox Game Pass, and we dive into some new reviews from the team, from Hypercharge Unboxed to Humanity. Neil Druckmann got massively misquoted by his own company, and Sony had a PlayStation "State of Play". Jesse breaks down what "The Xbox tax" actually is, and Sik and Nick display some pretty sweet dance moves.Lots more to talk about than that, so jump in to The XboxEra Podcast Episode 214!Jun 02, 202403:18:21Episode 213 | "Charged up and ready for Hell" feat. IndieGameJoeSik is back, Nick is still here, and we've got Joe from the HYPERCHARGE team at Digital Cybercherries back as the Xbox version of HYPERCHARGE Unboxed hits next week. Tons of news has happened, games have been played - let's break it all down.Jump In!May 26, 202403:34:46Episode 212 | "Two heads are better than one" feat. MrBadBitSik is turning 40 so he's out celebrating getting old. Nick and Jesse are joined by the one and only MrBadBit. Assassin's Creed Shadows looks incredible, PlayStation has two CEOs., cats and dogs are living together. Mass hysteria! Jump In!May 19, 202403:54:39Episode 210 | "Redacted at 60 FPS with Gene Park"Sik is out once again, so Nick, Jesse and the one and only Gene Park will join forces to talk about all the latest news in gaming.Jump In!May 05, 202402:51:59Episode 209 | "Nick says Nintendo sucks"Sik is out for his kid's birthday, so Nick and Jesse are joined by the one and only Rand al Thor 19. Nintendo hates fun, Microsoft is too rich, and Fallout rules the world still.Jump In!Apr 28, 202404:42:16Episode 208 | "Shadows of Doubt"It's time to join Sik, Nick and Jesse as they cover all the latest in Xbox gaming. Keanu is Shadow the Hedgehog, Sea of Thieves run 0.1% better on PS5 and more.Jump In!Apr 21, 202402:41:11Episode 207 | "Watching the Fallout"It's time to join Sik,Nick and Jesse as they cover all the latest in gaming. Fallout's TV show is fantastic, The Rogue Prince of Persia looks sick, and so much more.Jump In!Apr 14, 202403:23:35Episode 206 | "Tales of Abubakar Salim"The podcast crew are joined by star of stage and screen, Abubukar Salim, who is also head of Surgent Studios. We'll talk about their upcoming launch Tales of Kenzera: Zau, his work in the industry and more.Jump in!Apr 07, 202402:57:34Episode 205 | "Adorably Digital"Phil wants a handheld, a Series X digital edition leaked, and so many more people have lost their jobs in gaming. We'll cover all that and more.Jump In!Mar 31, 202403:34:08Episode 202 | "Ghosts and Goddesses" feat. Jez CordenIt's episode 202 of the XboxEra Podcast. We had our 2nd ever Partner Preview and it was a banger. More in the industry are finding themselves unemployed - the industry is nutso and we'll break it all down with the Jez Corden of Windows Central.The Xbox Era podcast is doing a 2nd print run of our 20th Anniversary book on Kickstarter! In!Mar 10, 202404:07:33Episode 201 | "This is not the way" FYI: The Xbox Era podcast is doing a 2nd print run of our 20th Anniversary book on Kickstarter!'s episode 201 of the XboxEra podcast with Sik and Jesse, but no Nick - and for a first on Spotify, in video form! More and more people are being fired, the Mando SW FPS is gone, and Toys 4 Bob has gone independent. What a crazy week.Jump In!Mar 03, 202402:25:20Episode 198 | You Will Be Remembered" w/ K. AsanteSik is off having an orgie with his bros after breaking the biggest story of the year. K. Asante joins Nick to break down all things video gaming in this "light news week", and Master Chief and Captain Keys will talk about their new season of Halo the Series!Jump In!Feb 11, 202403:38:19XboxEra Special Episode | Starfield coming to PlayStation 5?Emergency Podcast Episode! Join Sik and Jesse as they break down the reports of Starfield, Indiana Jones, and more possibly being ported to other consoles.Jump In!Feb 05, 202401:16:47Episode 197 | Breathe in those Vapours! NOTE: There are some minor edits due to some technical hiccups with the show during it's livestream. Apologies in advance! Join Sik, Nick, and Jesse as they talk Palworld, Tekken 8, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and so much more! Firings, hirings, dirings, lyrings, it's all happening.Jump In!Feb 04, 202404:04:29Episode 196 | "It's A Palworld After All"Join Sik, Nick, and Jesse as they talk Palworld, Tekken 8, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and so much more! Firings, hirings, dirings, lyrings, it's all happening.Jump In!Jan 28, 202404:04:53Episode 195 | "That Developer_Direct Belongs in a Museum"Join Sik, Nick, and Jesse as they break down Xbox's Developer_Direct and all the latest in gaming news from across the industry.Jump In!Jan 21, 202404:21:29Episode 194 | "Direct me to the Lost Crown"Sik, Nick, and Jesse are madly in love with Prince of Persia. Xbox has announced their next Developer Direct and a surprise game is there, and many more are losing their jobs in the game/tech industry. All that and more.Jump In!Jan 14, 202404:01:39Episode 193 | "2024...2023 Part II?"Sik, Nick, and Jesse take a look at what to expect from Xbox and video games in 2024. There's already so much. An 'insider' rumor has set the internet on fire, Xbox consoles ded, third party oh noez! All that "fun" stuff and more.Jump In!Jan 10, 202403:59:27Episode 192 | "2023 Year in Review"Sik, Nick, and Jesse go over a truly crazy year in gaming, in our final podcast of 2023.Thank you to everyone who listens to us - if you value you what we do, consider supporting us on Patreon - 01, 202403:46:60Episode 191 | "The 4th Annual Grubbsmas Shpeshaltacular" feat. Jeff GrubbIt's the fourth annual XboxEra Grubbsmas Specialtacular. Jeff Grubb is back, and Sik is crashing the party! Join them and Nick as they break down a wild, sad week in video gaming. Dec 26, 202302:39:09Episode 189 | "The Game Awards Didn't Suck!"Blade, GTA 6, LOGOS! So much happened this week and we're here to break it all down. Jump In!Dec 10, 202303:45:16Episode 187 | "Happy Thanksgiving, Xbawx!" feat. Patrick MakaNick is back, get ready to hear about weddings, mario, Nintendo, and more as he talks the night away with Sik. Patrick Maka joins the crew of Maka91 productions. Video game news is slowing down but there's still plenty to talk about this week.Jump In!Nov 28, 202303:24:24Episode 186 | "A Salty Awards Season"Nick is away so the Sik will play. The Game Awards nominees are out and people are upset. Snubfield, Hi-Fi Forgotten, and Bungie for best community team? All that and more as we break down the week in gaming.Jump In!Nov 21, 202302:43:33Episode 185 | "Rockstar Developers"Join Sik and Nick as they talk about all the latest and greatest in gaming. Alan Hartman is the new Head of Xbox Game Studios. PlayStation's financials are a mix of big numbers and small margins. The biggest news of the week though, GTA VI is finally real and we'll see it in "Early December".Jump In!Nov 13, 202303:19:38Episode 184 | "What the Hell is Happening?"Sik, Nick, and Jesse try to figure out just why the video game industry is on fire when it's putting out better games and making more money than ever. Xbox Brazil is a mess, PlayStation is laying off tons of people, and more.Jump In!Nov 05, 202303:31:31Episode 183 | "Sarah, Matt...Wakey Wakey"Sik, Nick, and Jesse discuss Xbox's organizational restructuring, what the heck is up at PlayStation, and holy sh*t is Alan Wake 2 incredible. All this and more.Jump In!Oct 30, 202302:52:57Episode 180 | "Racing to the finish line"Nick, Soulblazers and Jesse are here to break down all the latest news in gaming, with a focus on Xbox.Jump In!Oct 10, 202302:55:22Episode 179 | "End of Jim's Era" /feat Mr BadBitSik and definitely not Nick are joined by MrBadBit. Jim Ryan is retiring from PlayStation after 30 years. Tons of news has hit for Xbox and 3rd parties, and we'll be breaking it all down.Jump in!Oct 03, 202302:50:49Episode 178 | "Xbox Series Cylinder"Sik is out and all HELL has broken loose! Leaks are everywhere, the future is known, knowledge is no longer forbidden. Nick and Jesse are joined by our very own Aarsal to break down the week's craziness.Sep 26, 202303:01:27Episode 177 | "Unityyy"Nick is back, Unity is whack, and we're back looking pretty through OBS because Jesse got better internet. Let's, much more beautifully, break down the week in gaming.Jump In!Sep 17, 202302:45:10Episode 176 | "No Nick, Time to Talk Starfield" /w K. AsanteNick is out, so K. Asante is joining the crew to talk Starfield, news, and more.Jump in!Sep 10, 202302:35:01Episode 175 | "A Field of Dim Stars"MVG joins the crew to talk all things video games, and Starfield is finally here.Jump in!Sep 03, 202302:51:50Special Episode | Starfield A.M.AJon and Jesse have played the heck out of Starfield, reviews are out, and they're here to talk about it and answer your Super Chats/Patron questions!(There were some slight technical issues with the stream, so this episode has been edited a smidge)Sep 03, 202340:52Episode 174 | "A Brit Invades Germany"Sik has been at Gamescom in Germany, Nick has been humbled on Twitter, and Jesse is still awash in a field of stars.Jump in!Aug 29, 202302:42:56Episode 173 | "So who's flying through the Starfield?"Jon and Nick are back to break down all the latest and greatest in video game news. Starfield codes going out, and Jon and Jesse have them? News News News, gaming and more.Jump in!Aug 20, 202302:25:26Episode 172 | "One Acquisition to Rule them all"Jon and Nick are back to break down all the latest and greatest in video game news. Discord streaming from your Xbox, Xbox is all over Gamescom, Nintendo makes tons 'o cash, and more.Jump in!Aug 17, 202302:21:24
The XboxEra Podcast • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters (2024)
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