No Man's Sky Runaway Mould farms and locations (2023) (2024)

In No Man's Sky, Runaway Mould is a special junk resource you can obtain in-game. It can be used for upgrading and refining into other materials, which becomes useful for players. If you want to build a Runaway Mould farm, continue reading this guide on the No Man's Sky Runaway Mould farms and their locations.

When refining in No Man's Sky, players can combine ingredients to create other ingredients using a refiner. The disadvantage of refining is that refining takes time and consumes fuel in-game. However, It's undoubtedly useful to refine Runaway Mould as it can produce Nanite Clusters for you.

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Runaway Mould locations in No Man's Sky

Since No Man's Sky's launch back in 2016, the game has steadily received expansions and updates to improve player experience. This includes the recently dropped Echoes update which includes an additional Pirate faction. As you traverse through this update, you can also work your way into accumulating a lot of Nanites to increase your loot.

Runway Mould can be found in poorly maintained machinery, likely the result of several different species of mould that have merged into a super-colony. In terms of its uses, it can turned into Nanite Clusters.

Another Runaway Mould location includes the wild wherein Curious Deposits appears in spherical clusters which can be mined.

It can also be received as a gift from the Guild representatives in space stations. Moreover, it can be purchased and sold at the Galactic Trade Terminals and NPCs.

Finally, it can also be received from encrypted missions on the Nexus.

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Credit: Hello Games

How to farm Runaway Mould in No Man's Sky

To farm Runaway Mould, you first need to find a planet with Curious Deposits. These are spherical stones found in small clusters on most planets.

To find them, use the Analysis Visor on your Multi-tool, which will mark the Curious Deposits with the rare item icon (three gold circles in a triangle). Then, use the Mining Beam to mine the Curious Deposit.

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When properly mined, they will drop some Runaway Mould. Pay attention to how much mould is dropped so you can use your beacon wisely to mark the cluster that produces the most mould.

Upon gathering Runaway Mould, you can set up a base and a short-range teleporter. This will allow you to fly off and find another cluster of Curious Deposits around 600 U away from the first one and set up another teleporter. Travelling far away will cause the cluster of Curious Deposits to respawn, meaning you can return and continue mining.

In terms of the Runaway Mould respawn time, it takes around six minutes to get back and forth at each point, assuming you travel 600 U away from one cluster to another.

As you have two bases set up, you can then make repeat trips and efficiently farm Runaway Mould.

Afterwards, you can set up your refiners at each base to turn your Runaway Mould into Nanite Clusters. Five Runaway Mould produces one Nanite Cluster, which can be used to purchase blueprints, upgrade starships, and Multi-tools.

Runaway Mould coordinates

There have been a few Runaway Mould coordinates that have reaped several Curious Deposits. Some players on Reddit shared their screenshots of the Glyph coordinates to portals that can take them to various locations in space. The portal coordinates are seen on the lower left side of each screenshot.

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No Man's Sky Runaway Mould farms and locations (2023) (4)

Credit: Puzzleheaded_View537 on Reddit, Hello Games

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No Man's Sky Runaway Mould farms and locations (2023) (6)

Credit: elosorojo4 on Reddit, Hello Games

To charge and activate a portal, you have to charge each of the 16 Glyphs with common elements such as Copper, Di-Hydrogen, and Sodium. Upon charging all the Glyphs, you can then input the planetary address and warp to your desired location.

With that, you know how to get Runaway Mould and farm it in No Man's Sky.

If you need more help finding other No Man's Sky resources, check out our guides on Faecium, Chlorine, and Paraffinium.

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No Man's Sky Runaway Mould farms and locations (2023) (2024)
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