Lydia Moynihan Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki (2024)

Lydia Moynihan is a renowned American news reporter, content writer, editor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Hailing from New York City in the United States of America, Lydia has become an instantly recognizable face as a Wall Street reporter at the prestigious New York Post. She is also well known for being an influential social media presence due to her engaging posts that have garnered attention from both industry professionals and everyday people alike.

In today’s article, we will share some of the interesting aspects of her life – from her humble beginnings as an aspiring journalist to her current status as one of the top reporters in show business. So let us take a glance at what makes Lydia such an inspiring success story!

Early Life

Lydia Moynihan was born to her proud parents on the 8th of August 1994 in New York City, United States. She has since grown into a beautiful and intelligent woman and is now 28 years old. From an early age, she had a strong sense of independence and determination that has served her well throughout life.

After that, she completed her graduation in Media Science from the University of Oxford. She then decided to pursue further studies and enrolled at Kings College for a degree in Business Studies. Upon completing her coursework there, she began working as a reporter for one of the leading newspapers in London. With a combination of media science and business knowledge, she was able to provide insightful reports on current affairs.

Lydia Moynihan Career

Lydia Moynihan began her career as a Marketing Associate at Nasdaq, where she had a three-month internship before joining full-time. She also worked for CNBC. Later, Lydia joined Fox Business Network as a Production Assistant, where she played the role for 11 months before moving on to her current position as a Producer for Charlie Gasparino. She was chosen to be a full-time reporter on Wall Street for the New York Post.

During her time at the network, she has developed an impressive portfolio of experience and knowledge within the journalism industry. In addition to working as a reporter, Lydia also has extensive experience in news presenting and producing, making her highly sought after by many media outlets. Her dedication to the profession is evident through her track record of success over the years.

Lydia Moynihan Biography

Real NameLydia Moynihan
Birth DateAugust 8, 1994
Age (as of 2023)27 Years
Birth PlaceNew York City, USA
ProfessionJournalist & Reporter
CollegeThe King’s College

Physical Statistics

Heightin feet inches– 5’ 6” – in Centimeters – 167 cm
Weightin Kilograms– 52 kg – in Pounds– 114 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
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FatherDaniel ‘Dan’ Moynihan
MotherPriscilla Moynihan
BrotherPatrick Moynihan

Relationship Status

Marital StatusSingle
Who is her boyfriend?

Personal Life

This is one of the sections many of you are eager to learn more about her personal life. Here, we will share all the details of the celebrity reporter’s love life. As you know, Lydia is a stunning young reporter and has plenty of admirers. Unfortunately, she prefers to keep her private life under wraps and does not disclose any information regarding her partner or if she is currently dating anyone. According to sources, she may be in a committed relationship; however, this has yet to be confirmed by Lydia herself, as she does not discuss her personal matters on public platforms.

Lydia Moynihan Net Worth

Even though the celebrity reporter has not shared any detail about her earnings or net worth, we can assume that it is around $1 million. In fact, her annual salary is estimated to be in the region of $350-400 k. This substantial income allows her to live a luxurious lifestyle with no financial worries and support her family comfortably.Presently, she resides in a lavish apartment located in New York City along with her immediate family members. As a result of her hard work and dedication to her job, she has achieved great success, which is reflected in her salary; she earns well for her efforts.


  • When not working hard on assignments for work, Lydia loves nothing more than partying with friends and having some well-deserved fun!
  • Lydia was an Associate at the United Nations, where she worked to help promote and further the organization’s mission.
  • From February 2016 to May 2016, she served the position of a Public Relations Intern at Birchbox, gaining valuable experience in communications and public relations.
  • Moynihan also did an internship at Nasdaq, during which she developed her understanding of financial markets and working with investors. She found these experiences extremely beneficial for developing her career goals and helping her contribute more meaningfully within the workplace.
Lydia Moynihan Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki (2024)
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