Cool Math Games Raft Wars 2 (2024)

1. Raft Wars 2

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  • Someone built a water park on top of your buried treasure. Get back in your raft and go get it. Watch out for incoming enemies in Raft Wars 2.

2. Raft Wars 2 - Cool Games Online | 🕹️ Play Now!

3. Raft Wars - Play it Online at Coolmath Games

  • If you get knocked out of your raft, it's game over! Help Simon and his brother defend their treasure by defeating waves of enemies. Grab your tennis ball ...

  • After finding hidden treasure buried on the beach, Simon and his brother have to defend it from pirates, vikings, and other treasure thieves in Raft Wars.

4. RAFT WARS 2 - Play Online for Free! - Poki

5. Raft Wars - Cool Math Games

  • Choose your favorite country and play! Candy Clicker 2. More candy, more ... Raft Wars. Return to game. This game appears in. 2016 Playlists. To create ...

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6. Raft Wars | Free Online Math Games, Cool Puzzles, and More

  • Tiny Fishing · Slice Master · Moto X3M · Suika Watermelon Game · Stack Game · Candy Clicker 2 · Jogos para Crianças.

7. RAFT WARS - Play Online for Free! - Poki

  • Raft Wars is a fun, level-based shooting game created by Martijn Kunst, where you and your brother Simon will need to defend your treasure from enemies of ...

  • Play Raft Wars on the most popular website for free online games! Poki works on your mobile, tablet, or computer. No downloads, no login. Play now!

8. Battlecoast - Play it Online at Coolmath Games

  • The enemies have called in reinforcements. Only you can defend the island in Battle Coast. Upgrade your crossbow and sink their ships.

9. ah yes, playing raft wars 2 in IT class and getting caught. good times.

  • You know cool math games doesn't exist anymore. reply. [deleted]. 0 ups, 4y,. 1 reply. I beg to differ. reply. SummerCorgi. 0 ups ...

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Cool Math Games Raft Wars 2 (2024)


How many levels are there in Raft Wars 2? ›

It has 15 levels.

Is Raft Wars on Cool Math? ›

Raft Wars - Play it Online at Coolmath Games.

What is the tank game on cool math games? ›

Awesome Tanks combines the fast-paced gameplay of skill games with the strategical components of idle games. Players must use their resources wisely, while also using their reflexes and coordination to get past all 15 levels of the game.

Can you use cheat codes in Raft? ›

New and returning Raft players are in for a shock then, as the full release of Raft patched out all commands and cheats. This means that, without the use of mods or hacking, it is now impossible to use any of the cheat codes that players may have been familiar with.

What is the strongest animal in Raft? ›

The most dangerous animal in all of Raft is mama bear. This huge animal is the only animal in the game that can actually kill players.

Is Raft game infinite? ›

The Raft world can be described as a flat plane, on which the player drifts endlessly.

Is cool maths game gone? ›

No, Cool Math Games Isn't Shutting Down: Company Confirms Adobe Flash 2020 Shutdown Won't Kill The Site.

What are the top 10 Coolmath Games? ›

Top 10 Games
  • Run 3. Run, skate and jump through a brand new galaxy! ...
  • Papa's Freezeria. Mix up a frozen concoction! ...
  • Chess. Play Chess against the computer or your friends! ...
  • Tiny Fishing. 20 new deep sea fishes have dropped! ...
  • Suika Watermelon Game. ...
  • Clicker Heroes. ...
  • Slice Master. ...
  • Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple.

Is Coolmath Games actually math? ›

The site is also linked to a math games site (Coolmath Games) where some of the games could be used to teach strategy or practice concepts. However, many of the games aren't really math-focused -- they're described as "brain-training" -- and may be more useful as a reward or break for students.

Does Coolmath have scary games? ›

Check out this list of our spookiest and scariest games. Full of ghosts, ghouls, vampires, zombies and other things that go bump in the night.

How do I get to Tier 2 Raft? ›

Players reach tier 2 at 300 reputation and tier 3 at 3000 reputation. This means they need to catch at least 30 tier 1 fish and then 27 tier 2 fish to get access to the full list. After that, players who need more trade coins should always buy tier 3 lures since the cost of each lure type is identical.

How many times do you have to hit the shark in Raft? ›

Sharks take an incredible amount of punishment, and players will need at least two (and maybe three) wooden spears to kill them. Other Raft weapons deal more damage, but even a titanium sword needs eight hits to take down a shark. So long as the player's water and food bars are above zero, their health will regenerate.

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