Below Deck S10: What Happened To Hayley After Show & In 2024 - Show Star News (2024)

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Below Deck S10: What Happened To Hayley After Show & In 2024 - Show Star News (1)

Below Deck season 10 red-headed stewardess Hayley De Sola Pinto was a breakout star on superyacht St. David. She couldn’t stand the attitude she received from Second Stewardess Alissa Humber — nor could Captain Sandy Yawn for that matter — and talked some great banter on her confessional interviews. Hayley quickly became a fan-favorite for her hard work ethic and witty comments about the other crew members’ drama. Despite Alissa and aspiring pop star Camille Lamb getting at each others’ throats, Hayley sidestepped getting involved. She’s the only interior crew member Chief Steward Fraser Olender could count on from the beginning. So, what happened to Hayley after Below Deck season 10 and what’s she up to in 2024?

Hayley’s Instagram amassed over 119,000 followers since Below Deck season 10 aired. Below Deck season 11 started filming in Grenada while the previous season was first airing on Bravo. It looks like producers might’ve missed out when they declined to pick Hayley as part of the Below Deck season 11 cast. However, it looks like Hayley may get brought back on board superyacht St. David as a replacement stewardess to help out her good friend Fraser.

What Happened To Hayley After Below Deck Season 10? She’s Likely Starring On Below Deck Season 11

Below Deck S10: What Happened To Hayley After Show & In 2024 - Show Star News (3)

Fraser and Hayley dining at a fancy LA restaurant in the summer of 2023 (Instagram).

In the summer of 2023, Hayley made a splash when she visited LA. Hayley’s Instagram shows she went clubbing with Below Deck season 10 charter guest Trossey (John) in West Hollywood and stayed at his house. Hayley also hung out with former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville. She also found time to chillwith former co-star and Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby in Santa Monica. And she also had a dinner with Fraser while in California.

The fact Hayley was in LA with Below Deck season 11 returning crew members Ben and Fraser suggests she’s likely one of the replacements onseason 11. Below Deck cast usually fly out to LA to do final confessional interviews with production to include in the final edit of the show. So Ben and Fraser were in LA a few months after filming Below Deck season 11 in Grenada to do exit interviews. It seems like convenient timing that Hayley would fly out to LA at the same time. Furthermore, Ben and Fraser told E! News Captain Kerry Titheradge fires several Below Deck season 11 crew members and that some former stars replace them.

Below Deck S10: What Happened To Hayley After Show & In 2024 - Show Star News (4)

Hayley and Fraser hanging out on the rooftop of their swanky LA hotel (Instagram).

“You’re in for seeing a few more familiar faces, one a little bit more familiar than you would expect. But I’ll leave that for you guys to decipher,” Ben told the entertainment news outlet.

It would be a total no-brainer for Bravo production to bring back Hayley since she gained way more followers than anyone else starring on Below Deck season 10. Also, Fraser may lose one or two stews. He knows he can count on Hayley.

What Hayley Is Up To In 2024 After Below Deck

Below Deck S10: What Happened To Hayley After Show & In 2024 - Show Star News (5)

Chef Tzarina and Hayley getting close on their trip to Spain together (Instagram).

Whether or not Hayley returns to superyacht St. David remains a mystery for now, but she isn’t slowing down regardless. The buxom red-headed reality TV star recently joined OnlyFans where she did a collaboration with Below Deck Down Under season 2‘s Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph on a trip to Spain. She often posts risqué photos and video on her subscribers-only account.

Hayley — like Below Deck Mediterraneanstar Natalya Scudderdid a Playboy shoot, too. The social butterfly is also good friends with Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 stewardess and fellow Brit Lucy Edmunds.

Below Deck S10: What Happened To Hayley After Show & In 2024 - Show Star News (6)

Below Deck stars Lucy and Hayley hanging out together back in the UK (Instagram).

Hayley, ever the hustler, still finds time to run her Classen Aesthetics business, too, as a licensed advanced aesthetics practitioner based in Cornwall. Hayley had a serious relationship with her boyfriend on Below Deck season 10. She still has the odd untagged photo of him from awhile back, so it looks like they’re still together. However, she could also be single as he isn’t in any recent photos.

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Below Deck S10: What Happened To Hayley After Show & In 2024 - Show Star News (2024)


What happened to Hayley from Below Deck? ›

Hayley Still Hangs Out With Below Deck Crew Members

In addition to Instagram, Hayley followed in the footsteps of former castmates like Lucy Edmunds by starting an OnlyFans account.

Has anyone from Below Deck gotten married? ›

Sandy Yawn is all aboard for her next adventure. The Below Deck Mediterranean Captain has married Leah Shafer after more than five years of dating in a ceremony that, naturally, took place on a yacht in Fort Lauderdale.

Is Hayley from Below Deck wearing a wig? ›

I write, #itsnotawig, in my bio just to confirm that my hair is real.

What is the next Below Deck series in 2024? ›

Below Deck Mediterranean returns to Bravo with a supersized premiere on June 3, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET. Episodes will be available to stream the next day on Peaco*ck.

What is Alli from Below Deck doing now? ›

Following her split from Gary, Alli confirmed that she was expecting a child with longtime friend Benny Thompson. The twosome welcomed their son River George in August 2021. Alli, who no longer works in yachting, has kept up with all things Below Deck on her "Beneath the Surface" podcast with former costar Daisy.

What nationality is Hayley from Below Deck? ›

Hailing from Cornwall, England, charismatic new stew Hayley De Sola Pinto is excited to cruise the Caribbean waters. During most of the year, Hayley is an advanced aesthetics practitioner for her self-built business Classen Aesthetics.

Are all the guests on Below Deck real? ›

Guests Are Not Actors

Considering their characters and behaviour, one might assume they're all actors. However, in truth, they are actually genuine guests! It's important to emphasise however that the production team of Below Deck do vet the charter guests.

Is Aesha still with Scott? ›

Aesha Scott is ready to set sail with her forever soulmate. The Below Deck Mediterranean star and Scott Dobson recently announced their engagement after four years of dating.

Is Malia still with the engineer? ›

Malia's Romance With Jake The Engineer Fizzled

"I am single, yes," she admitted to the host Andy Cohen. "I am very much single." At the time, Malia didn't reveal the reason for their breakup, but in Below Deck Med season 6, Malia admitted that Tom cheated on her.

Will there be a Below Deck 10 reunion? ›

Fans of the series were disappointed when they learned that there won't be a Below Deck Season 10 reunion. Bravo's official statement was that the reunion was canceled due to scheduling conflicts.

Who is the new Stew Below Deck season 11? ›

Below Deck season 11 gets a new stew, Paris Field, who has ties to the show, Fraser Olender, and an old colleague, Jake Foulger. Paris Field is a 28-year-old yachtie who also works as an international model, sharing her luxurious travels on social media.

What new Below Deck is coming out? ›

Below Deck Mediterranean

Season 9 of Mediterranean, which will be set in Greece with Captain Sandy Yawn at the helm, premieres on June 3, 2024.

What happened to Haleigh from Below Deck? ›

Summary. Haleigh Gorman, a seasoned deckhand, did not return for season 9 of Below Deck Med despite a successful run in season 8. Haleigh avoided drama, performed well as a deckhand, and is now traveling and excelling as a yoga instructor.

Did alli from Below Deck have a baby? ›

Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Alli Dore is officially a mom. Alli shared the news on Instagram on Tuesday (August 31), along with several photos of her newborn son and details about his birth.

Who was the chef fired on Below Deck? ›

Chef Anthony Iracane is saying bon voyage to Below Deck. After cracking under pressure during multiple meal preps, the season 11 cook was fired by Captain Kerry Titheradge during the Bravo series' April 22 episode.

Where is Caroline now from Below Deck? ›

Despite setbacks and arguments, Caroline loved the adventurous lifestyle of Below Deck and had certifications to become a stewardess. Caroline dealt with heartbreak and trauma after leaving the show, but she remains vocal about her political beliefs and has taken up horseback riding.

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